When you delete something from a camera/video camera where does it go?

Answer it doesn't go anywhere until it's overwritten by new data. you can use data-recovery software to recover deleted files.

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How to Delete Pictures from Digital Camera?

Taking good care of your camera helps prevent failure on inconvenient moments and reduces the risk of losing pictures.

Why shouldn't I delete images off of my camera?

Interesting problem!Lots of electronic devices--even such a great thing as a Nikon D50--have 'bugs' that are discovered only after they sell a few million of them. Sometimes there's a webpage some... Read More »

How to delete nude pictures off camera phone?

Deleting pictures off your cellphone is easy! Go to the picture and look at menu options for what you can do with the picture. Deleting should be in there. The hard part is deleting them off you... Read More »

Can you delete photos from a film-base camera?