When you come to a stop sign, is a rolling stop considered stopping at the stop sing?

Answer Absolutely not.

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Stopping at a stop sign?

When entering the flow of traffic, you must ensure that it is safe to do so. If you roll through the parking lot stop sign and enter an empty road, I don't think you've done anything wrong. However... Read More »

Didn't DOUBLE check both ways at stop sign. Got into accident. Is that running a stop sign?

Yes, even if you did stop, then proceeded and got involved in an accident. Stop means to stop and yield to other traffic until it is safe to enter the intersection. You could be charged with fail... Read More »

After stopping your car at a stop sign, you accelerate at a constant rate for a period of time. the speed of y?

If you're not flooring it, that's a pretty quick car.

How many times do i stop before a stop sign Florida.?

legally you stop once. You stop at First line no matter what, before the pedestrian crossing. this is your legal stop point.Whether you stop at the second line depends on your view of traffic. Fo... Read More »