When you close the fridge door, how can you be sure the light goes out it keeps me awake at night wondering?

Answer It's a conspiracy: the light doesn't go out!

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Does your fridge light go off when you close the door......ARE YOU SURE?

It's the weirdest thing the light goes off but elevator music starts to play.

Does the light in my fridge definatley go out when I close the door?

You've just solved a problem for me: My husband INSISTS that whenever he goes for a pee during the night that God turns the light on for him, and there was me, wondering where all the yellow ice wa... Read More »

When you close your fridge door does the light stay on or does it go off?

put your digital camera in the fridge and record a video. youll see it goes off.

Fridge works,but light doesn't turn on when you open the door. How can I make the light turn on again?

Maybe the lightbulb is loose. Mine always is. Just try screwing it in a little tighter. If that doesn't work, replace the bulb. (: