When you buy an iphone are all the aps installed already?

Answer apple or at&t

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I accidentally deleted my Facebook app on my iphone when I go to the app store to download it again it says it is installed However the app icon is not showing up on my iphone How do I restore it?

It may be that you simply deleted a short cut, if so simply make a new short cut for it. Otherwise uninstall that app and download it again.

What apps come with or are pre-installed on the iPhone 4S?

CameraFaceTimeMessagesRemindersPhoneMailSafariMusicVideosPhotosApp StoreiTunesMaps + CompassGame CenterCalendarContactsFind My iPhoneNewsstandStocksWeatherNotesYoutubeVoice MemosCalculator

Which games are already pre - installed in iPhone 4S?

There are no games on the iphone 4S when you first purchase it.

What apps come with or are pre installed on the iPhone 4S?