When you buy a song on iTunes does the artist profit?

Answer The music in the iTunes store is supplied by license from the record companies. Songs purchased from the iTunes store will benefit the artists in a similar way as purchasing a CD from a regular store.

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The artist who sings the song on the new Sex and the city and Scrubs advert I know the song is Have Love Will Travel but Im having problems locating the correct artist?

How much does bbc radio 1 pay an artist when they play a track how much pounds does 1 song amount to per play?

In 2003 one minute of airplay on Radio One was charged by the Performing Rights Society (PRS) was £18.44 per minute. This then has to be distributed between all parties (record label, publisher e... Read More »

How much money does the artist get per song sold on the Internet?

The amount an artist can make on a song download depends on whether the artist has representation by a music label. An independent artist can make about 74 cents from a 99-cent song download, while... Read More »

No picture when I bought a song on iTunes?

Find a picture of the album art on google images.right click on the song, click on get info, go to artwork, paste picture into the box.