When you buy a food with vegetarian ingredients...............?

Answer Jeeze girl - I'm a rancher, what kind of question is that?I'm a vegetarian - sorta - my steak ate grass.RScott

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How to Eat Vegetarian Food when Your Family Eats Meat?

Being a vegetarian in a carnivorous family can be difficult, but it is doable. And with these steps, you may find it a lot easier and enjoyable to be a vegetarian.

Have dinner in non-vegetarian restaurant but eat vegetarian/vegan food only?

of course? a homie gots to eat. If I were to not eat at a place because they also serve meat, people would think im a crazy extremist. I don't have the time to always make my food and there is very... Read More »

Which is the good food for health vegetarian or non vegetarian?

Vegetarian food is better for health because it never was made of any animal's body or so.Then,vegetarian food gives you many health improvements.Non-vegetarian food pollutes human's body with the ... Read More »

When you become a vegetarian, what do you replace the meat with?

Beans and rice make a complete protein when eaten together. Mushrooms are sometimes called 'meat for vegetarians' because they have B vitamins. Nuts , beans, tofu are all high in protein. My da... Read More »