When you brush your teeth...?

Answer nope i watched captain planet as a child and i'm petrified that 5 punk teens with bad hair and matching t-shirts are going to break in to warn me about the 2-3 gallons i wasted of water

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When you brush your teeth do you also brush your tongue as well?

Yes!Brushing the tongue is an important part of oral hygeine. Brushing, flossing and even tongue 'brushing' are all a part of preventative measures we should take as part of the routine.Colgate ha... Read More »

Do you brush your teeth when you go to bed?

Floss first, then brush. The bacteria in the plaque that's on your teeth will use the food particles, especially carbs, as fuel, then will give off toxins and acids as waste products. This is not... Read More »

When can you brush your teeth after an extraction?

Answer It's best to wait about a week after the extraction to brush your teeth. 24 hours after the extraction you can rinse with warm water and salt. Do not swish but very gently move your head to ... Read More »

Do you brush your teeth when you get up or after breakfast?