When you are surfing the net, what are your top 3 go-to sites?

Answer Yahoo Answers, e-mail, and Environment Canada.

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What are these paid per hour web surfing sites?

I would recommend it, while back in 2002 they send out checks monthly to it's members. That time it was called alladvantage, now the company has re-group as agloco. Well only trick is you will make... Read More »

How to Hide Your IP Address When Surfing?

An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is the dotted decimal number which uniquely identifies every computer on the Internet. This number is used to tell what network a computer is on,... Read More »

How to Stop Squashing Your Breasts when Surfing?

Hey girls! Doesn't it just suck when your breasts get into a vice grip between you and the board? There's no need for it to happen though; here is what you can do!

How Safe Are Your Children when Surfing The Internet?

Better to select good sites suits for our children and save it in the Favorites. So that you can ask them to go and just open only those sites.Selected sites can be already saved to the kids, so th... Read More »