When you are pregnant why is there a line that across your stomach like a band?

Answer Answer I have had that happen twice and both times miscarried.

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Can you be pregnant if your stomach has been getting big and when you suck in your stomach it feels and looks like someone is crushing your ribs?

Answeryes because if your stomach is looking like something is there that is in baby form and is where the baby should be than I would go and take a pregnancy test and I am a doctor so I would list... Read More »

What is the line on your stomach when pregnant?

This line called "linea alba" is caused by pregnancy hormones. During pregnancy, it is renamed "linea nigra" or black line and is more prominent in dark-skinned women than those who are fair-skinne... Read More »

What will your stomach feel like when you are first pregnant?

You will normally feel very exhausted , feeling tight in your lower abdomen and notice the tightness when bending down, Youl will look bloated probably by 5 weeks. Your breasts will feel tender at ... Read More »

When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.