When you are pregnant when do you start buying stuff for the baby?

Answer AnswerHI. You can start as soon as you want. Just don't go crazy. A good place to start is very high quality cotton at reasonable prices :)When your baby gets here you will want ... Read More »

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When can sex start to affect the baby when you're pregnant?

Prenatal sex does not affect your baby. The mucus plug in the cervix and the muscles of the uterus protect the fetus from contact with the penis. It is generally safe to engage in intercourse throu... Read More »

When do you start feeling the baby when your pregnant?

Feeling your baby move for the first time when you are pregnant is very exciting. Your baby started moving around around 7 weeks, but you won't be able to feel him until 16 - 22 weeks. If you have ... Read More »

What can a pregnant 16-year-old do when the father of her baby tells her he will take the baby away from her when it is born?

Answer The law presumes that an unmarried mother even one who is a minor, has sole custodial rights to her child until a court rules otherwise.The father of a child must establish parentage before ... Read More »

Is it true that if you are overweight before you get pregnant it can effect when you start feeling movement from the baby later?

Answer If you have a thick layer of fat over your abdomen, therefore over your uterus, it may be a little later, say 22 weeks rather than 20 before you feel the baby move.the would have to be quit... Read More »