When you are pregnant do you have stomach pain?

Answer Answer yes but only after the 6th month of pregnancy , if you are having pain before then you should consult a doctor immediately

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Is really bad stomach pain a sign of being pregnant?

Answer If it is a heart burn, then yes Answer Possibly but more likely you have stomach pain. Take the test to be sure.Answer I had proper bad pains in my stomach I couldn't move could I be pregnant?

What can pregnant people take for stomach pain?

'''There are many medications that are unsafe for your baby and can cause harm if taken. If you have pain or discomfort your should check with your nurse or doctor before taking any medications. On... Read More »

Is it normal to have pain in both sides of your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant?

AnswerPain on either side of your lower abdomen is quite common in pregnancy. The ligaments are stretching and preparing for both carrying a baby and for delivery, as well your uterus is stretching... Read More »

You had a sharp pain in your stomach and your temperature increased about 4 days before your period was due could this be a sign that you are pregnant?

Answer no Its probably just as sign of u ovulating or normal period painsif u do not get your period then imediatley take pregnancy test though Answer Unlikely. All of the symptoms you described ... Read More »