When you are going to appear on tv, you have to authorize it right?

Answer That's called a photo release.If you talk to the attorneys, they would have a photo release signed by everyone just to cover themselves. From a practical standpoint, though, it usually comes down ... Read More »

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How to Authorize an iTunes Account to Your PC?

Apple iTunes is an audio and video playback program for PC and Mac. Through iTunes, you can also purchase digital merchandise from the iTunes Store, such as songs, audiobooks, movies and TV shows. ... Read More »

Can I authorize someone to use my debit card?

If your debit card issuer permits, others can be authorized to use your card. This is typically done by making a request to the issuer to have the individual listed as a secondary user.Source:Get D... Read More »

Who can authorize the printing of a Treasury bill?

No one can authorize the printing of a Treasury bill because all securities issued by the U.S. Treasury exist only in book entry form. Treasury bills can be held in one of three electronic systems:... Read More »

How to Authorize Access to Mortgage Info?

No third parties can access your mortgage information without your permission. Sometimes, however, you need to provide someone with access to your information for personal or business reasons. You ... Read More »