When you are going to appear on tv, you have to authorize it right?

Answer That's called a photo release.If you talk to the attorneys, they would have a photo release signed by everyone just to cover themselves. From a practical standpoint, though, it usually comes down ... Read More »

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Do you ever have one of those days nothing is going wrong but its not going right either?

Yes i do.i call such days " yahoo days ", when i decide NOT to go out as a normal human at the weekend and site all the day long asking and answering question.

Why is the cursor going to the left when I press the right arrow key?

It could be your Mouse Settings, so check in the Control Panel.It could be in the Tools ==> Options settings within MS-Word.It could be a fluke in Windows at the moment, and you just need to turn t... Read More »

When did the EPA authorize the first state hazardous waste programs?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first allowed states to manage their own hazardous waste programs in a decision announced on March 4, 1981. Sixteen states were among those given perm... Read More »

Does your employer have the right to deny you going to the doctor after a accident?

Answer I doubt it. This is a free country. Please be more specific and I can give you a exact reason for or against it. For more information see