When you are asked when adding a new programme, do you 'run' or 'save'?

Answer Always save it first and then put it on disc. You will always have it then. If you lose it for whatever reason you don't have search for it.Also a lot of small handy programs I have got going back ... Read More »

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When is the best time to wash clothes when trying to save money?

On One Hand: Washing at NightDuring summer days, electricity is often wasted when the air conditioner competes with the washer and dryer. Once air conditioning is lowered, usually at night, using t... Read More »

When did the BBC broadcast its first TV programme?

Episode 1 (tonight) is double length, so it's probably officially episodes 1&2.

When did the Nasa space programme start?

How to Handle Powers When Adding?

The term "powers" in reference to numbers or variables is another way of saying exponents. Raising a value to a power means multiplying that value times itself a certain number of times. When you a... Read More »