When you anticipate surgery, does it ever help to think "I've been here before"?

Answer Really?It does help me. The fear of the unknown is gone and I know exactly how I'll feel in recovery. I know I'll be shivering and that I will be more cognizant than the nurses think and that if ... Read More »

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Repost - Do you ever think your child has 'been here before'?

hmmm...well i think that maybe you have a really smart child (like mozart ;D) i hear that mozart and beethoven and people like them were the same way your son is, i say you should get him involved ... Read More »

I never done this before, but i think someone on here really needs help?

You are an awesome person. I hope more people go and give her some hope or love.

Has anyone here ever had "rotator cuff surgery"?

Yes, I did. The surgery was about an hour and a half, and then they strapped my arm across my chest and secured it with a sling and velcro straps. The ride home was horrible. Running over a little ... Read More »

Has anyone on here ever skated before and realised how hard it is?

I always thought it would be easy to do, that is until I actually tried it. I'm sure my backside is still bruised from the amount of times I slipped and fell on it, like you, in the end the bar se... Read More »