How to Talk to a Real Person on the Phone at Tennessee Unemployment?

Answer During this tough economy, more and more people are needing help with unemployment. In Tennessee, it is a mouse maze to get through their telephone system. This article is to tell you how to get th... Read More »

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Pending as my delievery message for texts and automatic call ended when trying to text/ call this one person..?

It sounds like they have blocked your number. Use somebody else's phone to contact them or try calling on withheld, put #31# before you dial their number

When i make a long distance call, does it start charging when the person answers, or when i dial?

most of the call whether local, international or on the cellular network usually get charged once the call has been answered ... either by the individual himself or by the answering machine or any ... Read More »

When m calling any other person i dont want that when anyone else call me it shud ring as busy to them so plz?

on a landline? dial *70 to disable call waiting on a per-call basis for outgoing calls... or call your provider and tell them to cancel call waiting or voicemail or whatever else you might be talki... Read More »

How to Talk when There's Nothing You Know About That Person?

You are at a party. Loud music, big old drinkers dancing around with little tiny hats on their large heads. Your best friend thinks it will be great to set you up with a stranger. The only thing yo... Read More »