When would you need to re take a first aid course?

Answer After a year or more just to get a refresher and to get up-to-date on any new methods of treating something.

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How do they time wipeout. in the first round.. is it like how long they take swimming or how long there on the course.. or what because it seems almost impossible to do a course like that in 2 min?

Yes, actually. There was a group of three or four men. When they realized they were on a game show, they immediately got back out.

What course in College would i have to take in order to become a tattoo artist?

You really don't need a diploma to be a tattoo artist - a strong portfolio, art technique, and a willingness to learn to get an apprenticeship and then the determination to do it properly and as pe... Read More »

A course of antibiotics...Do u need to take the rest if u feel better after 2 days?

yep. just cause you feel a bit better, doesn't mean the infection's gone. take all of them or you may find yourself back at the doc's office.

What is it called when you take a college course for no credit?

Taking a class without receiving credit is referred to as "auditing" a course. Generally, you go to class and still pay tuition and fees, but you do not complete course assignments or take exams, a... Read More »