When would a computer decrease productivity ?

Answer When your network has "issues"When a virus wipes out your mission critical files because you were surfing "those" site on your business laptop.When your hard drive goes **** up just as you were get... Read More »

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How do I decrease computer boot time?

Unselect ProgramsGo to the Start menu and type "Msconfig." Go to the start-up tab and unselect programs that are selected. These check marks allow each program listed to start during the boot-up. E... Read More »

How to Decrease the Risk of a Computer Virus?

A computer virus can drive you nuts!Viruses can be debilitating, one very good way to eliminate this risk will be discussed below...Note If a more user friendly Operating system is required replace... Read More »

Is this normative or positve.A decrease in the price of digital cameras will decrease the demand for camera film?

The answer is positive statement: A positive statement is a statement about what is and that contains no indication of approval or disapproval. A normative statement expresses a judgment about whet... Read More »

How do i decrease the size of the windows and desktop items on my computer?

left corner there is a scroller thing click and drag to your hearts extent