When would I need a civil law attorney?

Answer On One Hand: Civil LawyersCivil law is any branch of law that is not criminal law. Civil law covers many fields. A few examples would be corporate law, business law, property law, family law and pe... Read More »

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Do you know how many years of schooling would you need to become an adoption attorney?

Step-father, yes ... just "father", at your age of 21, I would think not. When I married recently, my wife's sons are in their higher 20's ... their last names did not change - they keep their pri... Read More »

What is a civil attorney? defines the term "civil attorney" as "a lawyer who specializes in the practice of civil law and has a great deal of knowledge of the field itself." Such attorneys focus on civil su... Read More »

When do you need a power of attorney in Canada?

On One Hand: Legal RepresentationA power of attorney deed (ordinary or enduring) is required when an individual needs to appoint a lawyer to act on his behalf in matters that he specifies should he... Read More »

What is a civil rights attorney?

Civil rights are constitutionally guaranteed rights that are the same for all citizens, regardless of their race, sex, age, religion or any disability they may have. Civil rights attorneys are the ... Read More »