Would you mutilate, I mean have your child circumcised when he is born just for the sake of it?

Answer I didn't circumcise my son when he was born. He suffered from frequent and severe bladder infections from the time he was about 4 months old. I always changed his diaper promptly and bathed him r... Read More »

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Why would a toddler that was born premature get pale white in the palms and soles when over excited?

Hi, I would think that was perfectly normal...If he/she needs to go, then they need to go.. I wouldn't worry too much.

Can a pregnant 15-year-old move in with her 18-year-old boyfriend and would he be arrested if he is at the hospital when their baby is born?

he is a rapist Your boyfriend is legally a rapist. In all 50 states he can serve 3-5 years minimum in a state correctional institution. Having sexual intercourse with anyone under the age of 18 i... Read More »

If you were born 50 years earlier, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

I already knew what it would be before i check it. My name would have been Mary. I think it's boring. No i wouldn't have used it...much like i hate and don't use my actual name.My middle name would... Read More »

Why does Lincoln Burrows say Michael Scofield was born in 1976 when the final episode of Prison Break has his tombstone say he was born in 1974?

Lincoln Burrows stated that the picture of Christina Scofield and Michael as an infant in front of a car was falsified because the automobile in the photo was manufactured in 1976 but Michael was a... Read More »