When windows 7 starts google chrome open automatically?

Answer And if u cant find anything in above mentioned directory then,Then open [Run] by pressing 'Windows-Key' + R and type ' msconfig ' and click on 'startup' tab and find Google Chrome in the list belo... Read More »

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Why do I get potentially harmful file downloads automatically drop down on google chrome?

Use and avast. Free also use and run regular scan and the registry scan

How to make a java program created in Eclipse automatically run once windows starts up?

Build it into a .jar and place a shortcut to the jar in your startup folder. How to do that:…

PDF in Google Chrome Won't (ever) open?

Try going to adobe's website and reinstall reader. The plug in probably wasn't installed for chrome.…

Google chrome can't open some images , how can i fix it ?

This has already been answered, try Googlin' your problem. there are millions using Chrome.…