When will your babys head engage?

Answer To become a midwife you must undergo a 32 month vocational training program, or an 18 month nurseconversion course (on top of the 32 month nurse training course). Thus midwives potentially could ha... Read More »

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Can you have sex to engage the head in pregnancy?

Unless your doctor has said differently, then you can have sex any time you want when pregnant, as long as your water hasn't broken. Whether this will do anything to "engage the head" or not is unk... Read More »

What does it mean if the babys head is down in the stomach?

breech. lol.Edit: it does NOT mean breech ! A 'breech' baby is one that's positioned with the head uppermost in the womb !

What does a crown on a babys head mean?

When, during the pushing phase of labor, the baby's head remains visible and does not slip back in, it is known as crowning

What do you do if the babies head wont engage at 41 weeks?

Either wait or have a c-section. Ask your obstetrician.