When will your baby start walking?

Answer whenever she or he feels like walking you cant rush them into doing things they dont feel like doing right now and probably your baby is stupid like your retarded self instead of reading this you s... Read More »

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When do baby Agouti Pacas start walking?

They start walking when their mother gets tired and the baby wants to walk

If your husband has delusional disorder and is on medication which he cannot stop can you have a baby when he is on meds and will the meds harm a baby and will your baby get the illness?

Answer If your husband has done any drugs in the past then this can cause delusions (meaning weed, acid, etc.) If not, and he truly has a mental illness then it's best for you to talk to your fami... Read More »

How old was your baby when they started walking?

Noooo, but you knew that already. My 18 mo. old nephew didn't start walking until after 14 months.Aaron just turned 9 months old on Sunday and is just about walking. He has taken maybe 10-15 step... Read More »

Your baby is four months old And you are dying to start smoking again will this harm your baby?

well smoking i one of the causes of SIDS if you don't know what that is, it is sudden infant death syndrome. but it unlikely for you baby to die that after he/she reaches 6 weeks old... but smoking... Read More »