When will you get a brother?

Answer Deny everything when he tells.

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When will Eric and Jessica from Big Brother 8 visit again?

At first, from season 1 to 3, Caroline Rhea hosted the biggest loser Now, Alison Sweeny hosts the show .She has blonde hair is young and pretty.was once on the biggest loser celeberties and was fat... Read More »

When a man's brother died is the envelope addressed to the surviving brother or surviving brother and wife?

What will a big brother do when they find out that their little sister is on drugs?

Usually the big brother will try to stop u Plz dont do drugs they r not healthy and they have HUGE consequences trust me.

What does it mean when a boyfriend calls his girlfriend's brother his brother in law?

The plural form of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law". Awkwardly enough, the plural possessive of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law's".Consider these examples:I have four brothers-in-law.Anne... Read More »