Should I Plant on a New Moon or Full Moon?

Answer Gardening by the moon is an old idea, espoused by the ancient Romans and Greeks. These ancient peoples, along with many other groups throughout history, believed that the moon's cycle affects plant... Read More »

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What is the only month to have 4 moon phases?

All months have four moon phases: new moon, which means you cannot see the moon in the sky because it is unlit by the sun; full moon, which means the moon is fully in the sun's light; quarter moon,... Read More »

How to Draw a Full Moon?

Is the background of your illustration looking empty? Add a full moon to it, it will give it a nice touch of mystery.

Is it a full moon tonight?

Ya think? Full moons bring out the idiots!

How to Calculate the Full Moon?

The full moon is one of eight different phases the moon takes on each month. The full moon appears as "full" to people on Earth when the sun and the moon are on exact opposite sides of the earth. T... Read More »