When will we get 8 cores on a CPU?

Answer Not satisfied with 4 physical cores and 4 virtual cores?…"Re-implemented Hyper-threading. Each of the Four cores can process up to two threads simultaneous... Read More »

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Are amd dual cores faster than intel dual cores?

Intel manufactures the fastest dual core processors. But because manufacturers build CPUs containing a variety of different clock speeds and architectures, some AMD processors are faster than Intel... Read More »

How many cores does i3,i5, and i7 have?

i3 = 2 cores with 1 thread per core.i5 = 4 cores with 1 thread per core.i7 = 4 cores with 2 threads per core. (OS sees it as 8 cores)i9 = 6 cores with 2 threads per core. (OS sees it as 12 cores) *... Read More »

Is it okay to run cores / cpu at 100%?

Sure thats fine. As long as the temps are fine you shouldnt run into any which 55c is absolutely fine.

Why Are Planet Cores Hot?

Planetary embryos are formed when condensed rock materials violently collide in space. The more mass an early planetary formation accumulates, the greater its gravitational attraction will be and t... Read More »