When will we be able to surf the wireless internet using a device in our brains?

Answer I don't like that idea because I may get a e-mail when I am sleeping or I may get a computer virus. (^-^)

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I am connected to an unsecured wireless network. How can i surf the internet for free using this connection?

Use Windows Zero Config wireless connection manager in XP and choose/connect to the unsecured network.... and surf! Totally illegal too. Don't get caught.

Wireless problems: can't access the internet only on one device?

You probably just need to enable and disable your Mac filter or resetting your router. That's what happens to me sometimes, my laptop and ps3 would be connected and then all of a sudden it stops wo... Read More »

How to use my computer's internet connection into my htc desire x to surf the internet?

YOU should download HTC pc Suite den connect ur mobile der will be an option of connect to the inter net. give acess point of the operator u r using. AND U R DONE

What you surf most on internet?

Music and videos on Youtube, Y!A, Twitter, Facebook, my favorite singer's website, eBay.I got no life.