When will this cut go away?

Answer Give It Alot Of Time. I fell flat on my face and cut it open before. I had a scar for about 6 weeks. It then healed by itself without the use of medication. This will probably be the same for you. ... Read More »

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I had my baby already but im still itchy all over my body when will this go away?

I don't remember ever itching after having any of my children (I have four children), unless you count the time I got hives when my first child was about three months old. I don't think it had anyt... Read More »

When I go and add block plus does that stay on my computer and it will take away this Shockwave popping up?

Download pop up blocker (Addon for Adblock Plus) FireFox:…Chrome:… (Not available.)-Elian

Will this cellulite go away?

There is a massive billion-dollar industry of anti-cellulite treatments, and Dr. Oz says all of the treatments—from creams and balms to procedures like rolling and smacking—have one thing in co... Read More »

Will this woman..ever go away....?

Obviously not! Can't no one tell her that she has no talent!!!People who love her more if they freezed her and put her in a shop windows pointing upwards, as thats all shes good for!Edit: Wow, that... Read More »