When will these burns heal?

Answer It happened to me also but in a different way. Anyways, they won't leave any marks. If the bunt area swells real high but u don't feel pain (that is without touching the swollen area, you aren't fe... Read More »

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How to heal burns quickly?

Turmeric paste is good for healing as well as to remove the scar resulted.

How to Heal Burns Fast?

It is possible to heal a burn quickly, depending on its severity. First-degree burns can usually be treated at home unless they cover large portions of your body, which is considered an extensive t... Read More »

Are there any ways to help heal burns...?

Put burn ointment on it, very cheap and is at most drugstores.

How to Heal Chemical Relaxer Burns?

Chemical relaxer burns occur when the scalp is exposed to lye or no-lye relaxer for a long amount of time. Most women have experienced a run in with chemical relaxer burns at one time or another i... Read More »