Could the swine flu be the end of human race?

Answer Yes, now go hide in the basement inside a giant bubble.

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Positive & Negative Effects of Global Warming on the Human Race?

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What are the chances we as a human race have lowered our immune systems so bad with excess cleanliness that..?

"We, as a race," takes in a lot of people in a lot of cultures, you are assuming that the the kind of hygiene you describe is widespread but as someone who has traveled in many parts of the world I... Read More »

Vegans, if animal consumption causes all the health problems of the human race, should the animals not hang?

Animal consumption does not cause all the health problems of the human race.Even if they did, human beings are the ones murdering them and shoving them down their greedy selves. The animals of Eart... Read More »

What episode of Babylon 5 follows the human race to the point where the sun goes nova and humans leave this solar system?