I'm 23 and I smoke a lot of pot and I'm on Zoloft....when will my head explode?

Answer I worked community mental health and drug rehab for a number of years. Pot is the number one cause of addiction and addiction related problems (physical illness, mental illness, loss of everything... Read More »

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Will a biodigester explode?

A biodigester, a container for catching methane gas produced during the anaerobic processing of organic material, can explode without proper pressure regulation of the methane. An explosion can be... Read More »

Will a computer explode if turned on too long?

no it will not the insides will melt and shortcircuit the thing leave you with a smoky mess that will not work but it will not blow up

If I leave my batteries in the charger all day will I explode?

Rechargeable batteries lose their effiency for storing power over time, so leaving them charging when they are fully charged will maintain the reduction in their efficiency. Nothing will blow up, b... Read More »

Will a tube in a television explode if dropped?

Actually a CRT doesn't Explode....IT IMPLODES due to the Vacuum inside it.And yes, it will Implode if dropped....BUT it's very hard to make it dangerous. The implosion protection you hear about on ... Read More »