When will the iphone be allowed in china?

Answer Lol means Laugh out Loud ,BRB mean Be right back ,LMAO is Laughing my A-- off ,Pd means Prom date,and ttyl Means talk to you later.

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Are kids allowed to go to church in China?

The Chinese Constitution states that all citizens are allowed to have their own religious beliefs and practice as they wish, but different legislative bodies may interpret it differently. Legally i... Read More »

How many children were women in China allowed to have in the past?

Families in China could have as many children as they desired before 1979, which was the first year of the one-child policy. The Chinese government enacted the one-child policy to reduce China's hi... Read More »

Hey I asked for a new iphone the 3gs and he gave me one but when I was using it I noticed that it was the old iPhone would I be allowed to change it now that I opened it and used it?

How do you use an iPhone 3G in CHINA?