When will the galaxy tab 10.1 have 3G?

Answer they do not have galaxy tab 10.1 3G but there is galaxy 3G, it's the cheapest one, only cost $284.97

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I just rooted an at&t galaxy s3. I have sprint. If i walk into sprint will they change my service to my galaxy?

Yes they will have a problem. They will tell you that they cannot activate your S3 to their network. Why is that? Sprint uses CDMA cellular network. AT&T uses GSM cellular network. The two are... Read More »

When will the samsung galaxy s4 come out for At&t?

When will the samsung galaxy s4 be going payasyougo?

a quick phone call to your network provider, or a mobile phone shop, would be a good place to enquire

When will the Andromeda Galaxy collide with the Milky Way?

The Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are moving toward each other at a speed of 75 miles per second. In 2 billion years, the galaxies will approach but overshoot each other. In 5 billion years, the... Read More »