TH Family: Nominations?

Answer Aw thanks to all those who are putting me summer (b.c shes straight forward)best questions--> you!sweetest--> ilovebillkaulitz dollar bill (clever)best username-->gamegal [i think its really buge ... Read More »

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BB Nominations **SPOILER**: don't click if you DON'T want to know ....Who do you want to go.....?

it was the salad that done it i guess, as for Sophia you and i knew she'd be up

Who has the most academy award nominations?

Actress Meryl Streep holds the record for having 15 Academy Award nominations, and she has won two Academy Awards. Films showcasing her nominated performances include: "The Deer Hunter," "Kramer vs... Read More »

What are honours on youtube and how does someone get one is it nominations if so how do u nominate?

Well you can't vote, because the honours are based on most viewed, most favourited, highest rated, most subscribed etc.They count these stats each day and then attach the appropriate honours to the... Read More »

How many Grammy nominations has Jennifer Lopez received?

As of 2010, Jennifer Lopez has received two Grammy Award nominations. She earned her first nomination in 2000 for her song, "Waiting for Tonight," and a second nomination the following year for her... Read More »