When will the HTC evo 4g phone be sold?

Answer June 4th of 2010 for American market

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How much will my old phone be if i sold it at radio shack?

you are really going to be disappointed in what a retail outlet will offer you for trade in on your phone you did not mention what crApple phone you had so you can search here for their offers http... Read More »

When was the first flip phone sold?

The Motorola StarTAC was the first clamshell phone, also known as a flip phone. It was introduced in 1996 as a "wearable" model, and it was the smallest cell phone in the world at the time. It was... Read More »

When will Dexter season 4 be sold on DVD?

Tell yourself its not real and that if you were in the episode they would come to rescue you

When will canned oysters be sold again?

when did they ban them. they can't ban them all. I looked it up, it's only gulf raw oyster. Can ones should still be available. the ban is over too.