Has anyone been to NYC recently and do you have a real picture of the Freedom tower?

Answer Earthcam has a new picture of it everyday:……

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When was Interstate 5 completed?

Interstate 5 spans the West Coast from San Diego, California, to Blaine, Washington. The more than 1,300 mile roadway was completed on Oct. 22, 1966, just south of Canyonville, Oregon. I-5 connect... Read More »

When was the Mona Lisa completed?

The Mona Lisa was completed in 1506 by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo started the painting in 1503. It is also known as "La Gioconda," and it's in the collections of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France... Read More »

When was the channel tunnel completed?

The Channel Tunnel, commonly referred to as "the Chunnel" was completed in 1994. This underwater tunnel stretches 31 miles from Folkestone, England, to Sangatte, France. Construction costs were $21... Read More »

How old was henry ford when he completed his first car?

Henry Ford was 32 when he completed work on his first gasoline-powered car--which he called the Quadricycle because it contained no body and sat on four bicycle tires. He finished the car on June 4... Read More »