How to Act at a Skatepark if You Don't Skate?

Answer Have you ever been to a skate park and wondered what to do or how to act? Or were you scared to interact with the people around the place? Well after reading these, you won't have any problems at a... Read More »

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How to Go to a Skatepark?

You've been skateboarding on your sidewalk, parking lots and school yards, but not the skate park. Sure, it's intimidating, going to a skatepark for the first time can be a scary thing, so don't wo... Read More »

Scooter Skatepark Games?

Many kids, both younger and older, enjoy playing at skate parks with their scooter instead of the skateboard. Scooters give kids a bit more control over their speed and direction while still being ... Read More »

How to Play Stacks at a Skatepark?

Many people play games at a Skate park and enjoy skating as well as doing tricks.This game will involves at least four players, but many more can join if desired.