When will the Apple iPhone be available without carrier restrictions in the US?

Answer Hi I have an iPhone 4 and it is impossible for a normal person like me or you to open it up without the correct tools. I tried with my iPhone 3gs with sometools i bought from eBay and i Broke it . ... Read More »

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How do you unlock an Apple iPhone 2G to use it with another wireless carrier?

You need one with a SIM Card slot. From there, find a GSM carrier, buy a SIM card and slip it in. (T-Mobile, AT&T, and every European carrier is GSM).

Airline Dog Carrier Restrictions?

Traveling by air can make trips shorter and less stressful. Due to this, people are opting to travel with their dogs more and more. Knowing the restrictions and regulations as to what types of dog ... Read More »

Difference between factory unlocked apple iphone 3gs and jailbroken apple iPhone 3GS?

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Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb apple iPhone?

That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.