When will sprint get the iphone 4 and 5?

Answer There is an app in the Apple Store

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When the iPhone 4 for Verizon comes out Will the iPhone 4 be able to unlock on the sprint network?

Ultimately yes, but currently no. This is because it was anounced today tht in china, a china mobile carrier unlocked iphone 4 for their it for the actual story that made headlines

Will the iPhone 4 be on sprint?

So far, no. That is to the date of 5-17-11. Future generations of iPhone may run on sprint.

Will iPhone cdma can be use to sprint?

As of right now ONLY AT&T carries the iPhone, they are on Edge coverage. BUT as you have probably heard, Verizon will be releasing the iPhone4 this February 2011. They are on a cdma network, as wel... Read More »

Will AT and T iPhone 4S work with sprint?

No. Different technology. ATT is GSM and takes a sim card. Sprint is CDMA and uses internal programming. Completely incompatible.