When someone has a cast on their leg, how will they know when its healed?

Answer An untrained person may have an idea of whether a broken bone is healed or not, but an orthopedic surgeon can tell with an examination that may or may not include xrays the exact status of the inju... Read More »

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Most of my computers services will not start when i get to desktop someone help !!!!?

There seems to be a problem of either software conflicts or virus.Mostly it could be software's such as drivers or application programs which are conflicting in your system. Try to uninstall any pr... Read More »

How can you convince someone that a game show will be a winner when explaining why your ideas will appeal to a target audience and giving your strategy for promoting the show across the media?

yes there is an English lucky star but it only gose up to ep 17(or 16) until the 1/6/09 the youtber Vannygg will be reling them on his account

Now that someone has been trampled to death on Black Friday when will this end ?

there were already quite a few questions posted near black're a bit late on the news? :Pand I don't think it'll ever stop, unfortunately it'll only get worse and worse unless someone in... Read More »

When you restrict someone on facebook, will they know that you have restricted them?

Only if they try to contact you. Otherwise, no they will not.