When will point and shoot cameras hit the 30 megapixel barrier?

Answer I think the camera companies made a mistake pushing megapixels as the big selling point for cameras. I would imagine that it's getting harder and harder to cram more megapixels into P&S cameras. Ho... Read More »

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What is the point for so many megapixel on cameras?

It is a marketing ploy. It does not mean that much.…There is a point where the pixel density can be too high and cause diffraction between the actual pixel... Read More »

Which of these point and shoot cameras would you recommend?

Here is a comparison of the cameras.…You're right, they are quite similar. The one thing that stands out to me is that one is from one of the premiere came... Read More »

Are point and shoot cameras worth $300 plus dollars?

high end PS cameras are not a good value for the dollar.The main reason is that they still use the same small cheap image sensor packed with too many pixels as the cheap 99 dollar compact.There are... Read More »

What are some good quality point and shoot cameras?

Cameras are more readily available and varied than ever before. Standard digital cameras, professional DSLR cameras and children's digital cameras – the available options fit many needs and uses.... Read More »