When will new macbooks come out2009-2010?

Answer There are a lot of rumors buzzing around over the internet about Apple releasing a new Apple MacBook. There might be a new MacBook and there might not be a new one at all. Apple has not confirmed t... Read More »

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Do MacBooks have Wi-Fi?

The MacBooks listed on the Apple website come equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter. This wireless adapter is IEEE 802.11a/b/g compatible, and therefore can connect to commonly available Wi-Fi networks.Sou... Read More »

When were MacBooks first made?

Apple Computer first made MacBooks in 2006. A standard MacBook computer weighs 4.7 pounds and features a 13.3-inch diagonal screen with widescreen display. The laptop also has a built-in 63.5-watt-... Read More »

Do macbooks have an App Store?

Yes, the Mac App Store is part of the OS. You'll be able to access it when you get your computer and all those apps you listed are available on it. Have fun with your new computer!Yes you can use y... Read More »

Why do all YouTubers have Macbooks?

Gamers probably don't use macs, but every other youtubers would use macs in the editing process because they have the best and most professional programs