When will my periods finally become regular?

Answer It may take until the age of 20 to regulate your period, and that's nothing to worry about. Some girls take birth control to help regulate it, but I don't see the point. I've had my period for ab... Read More »

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Can you have a regular periods can you still be pregnant?

OKay this sounds really stupid but yeah you can. It is not technically a period but simple bleeding. It can be caused by many things the most likely is the initial bleeding on the embryo embedding ... Read More »

Regular periods each month but diagnosed with PCOS?

Yeah, your periods are being a bit slow - late!! do whatever the Endo says, take the met and try to get along with it. if you have severe gastric upset for more than a couple months on it, don't gi... Read More »

If you have regular periods and you are a week late you take a pregnancy test and it was negative what could it be?

The same thing happened to me. It's scary, I know. But the fact that the pregnancy test was negative is good and sometimes periods can be irregular because of stress.

What could be wrong if you've had pregnancy symptoms but your periods are regular and you had cramps so bad you could barely stand?

Answer You would be better off going to the doctors for this one. If you are pregnant some women experience morning sickness. Some women also get their periods when they are pregnant but this is ... Read More »