When will my mouth numbness go away?

Answer It should wear off soon. It can last anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours, sometimes longer.

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Will the numbness resulting from a pinched nerve/sciatica eventually go away OR can it be a permanent symptom?

Hi ScarlettI had a similar problem and got diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, however this was a misdiagnosis.I had numbness in my right hand and kept dropping things, tingling sensation all th... Read More »

Facial Numbness from Xanax Withdrawal. When will it go?

Very few pharmacists have experience with moderate to severe benzo withdrawals. They can be really bad and cause a wide variety of symptoms. The physical symptoms can last a very long time and in s... Read More »

Anyone know of any tricks that can stop the numbness in the mouth after a cavity filling?

Rubbing your jaw where the numbing agent was injected can help a little. But basically you will have to wait the 4 hours till it wears off. You will feel a tingling sensation almost akin to pain ... Read More »

After wisdom tooth extraction how long is the wait before feeling of numbness go away in face?

I had my Wisdom teeth pulled when I was 15, I'm 27 now. Most of the numbness went away after the swelling went down, though I still have a dime sized area on my jaw line that never regained sensati... Read More »