When will morphine withdrawal stop ?

Answer Depending on how much and how long you were taking(I'm assuming short period/hospital stay) about 5-6 days the intensity of the craving,anxiety,insomnia will subside a bit.But a good 3-4 weeks befo... Read More »

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Facial Numbness from Xanax Withdrawal. When will it go?

Very few pharmacists have experience with moderate to severe benzo withdrawals. They can be really bad and cause a wide variety of symptoms. The physical symptoms can last a very long time and in s... Read More »

How do I stop an automatic checking account withdrawal?

Write a letter to the company that is making the automatic withdrawals from your checking account. Inform it that you no want no further debits to your account. Sign and date the letter. Make a cop... Read More »

So I've been reading ppl Natural Supplements And vitamins to stop Opiate withdrawal?

I'm currently on Vicodin 10mg..... I take them everyday...3 times daily....about 3-5 each....dose......about for about 3yrs trust me....I know the's really shitty........ Read More »

When will my scrape stop burning?

Yes, it will stop burning. Clean it well, apply some antibiotic ointment and a dressing. Remove the dressing and leave it open to air the next day, but still apply antibiotic ointment.You will be... Read More »