When will labor begin if you are 50 effaced and almost 5cm dilated wsecond baby?

Answer Answer By the time you have read this I bet you have delivered your baby, you probably had it within 2 hours of writing the question.---------------I am 40 weeks, 5 cm dilated and 75% effaced - hav... Read More »

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When will labor begin if you are fifty percent effaced two centimeters dilated the baby is at minus two station and you are thirty six and a half weeks pregnant?

I'm sure you hate hearing people say this, but there is no way to determine how far off labour is by these statistics. As you may well know, dilation refers to the cervical opening, effacement to t... Read More »

If you are 38 weeks and 2-3cm dilated and 75 effaced how soon will active labor begin with second child?

Answer Maybe it's like "scissors", indicating one pair of scissors.

You are 35 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins you are 75 effaced and dilated to a loose 1 Will you go into labor soon the babies are almost 6 pounds and you are so uncomfortable?

You are 3 cm dilated and 50 perfect effaced when will labor start?

Labor is defined as regular contractions that cause progressive cervical change. The key is CHANGE, so it is hard to tell when labor will start based on your dilation and effacement. Alot of women ... Read More »