I got message for winning lottery from UK international Lottery. Is it true?

Answer scam

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I have just won the lottery!?

I think this is a simple case of personal identity theft. With that information - they could use it to send you promotional items, email spam, brochures, etc... or they coul duse it to obtain more ... Read More »

How much do you actually get when you win the lottery?

How much you actually get when winning the lottery depends on the amount won, the type of payment and the tax rate in your state, according to Motley Fool. Federal and state taxes can eat up more t... Read More »

What should you do if you win the lottery?

On One Hand: Invest your moneyThe first thing to do if you win the lottery, after jumping up and down and screaming, is to hire a good financial and legal adviser. You will need to learn how to man... Read More »

Lottery Tax Law?

Taxpayers who win more than $600 in lotteries are subject to federal withholding taxes. Depending upon the taxpayer's federal tax bracket and the state in which he resides, the tax rate can be as h... Read More »