I got message for winning lottery from UK international Lottery. Is it true?

Answer scam

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What is the probability you will win the Ohio lottery?

The odds of winning the Ohio Lottery are:Rolling Cash 5: 1 in 575,757 (jackpot); 1 in 9 (overall)Kicker: 1 in 1,000,000 (jackpot); 1 in 100 (overall)Ohio Classic: 1 in 13,983,816 (jackpot); 1 in 5... Read More »

Where is all the money coming from when it comes to game shows and the lottery when were all in the euro zone crisis?

Hi,i receive a message that i won i lottery.hw will i kw maybe it is true?

That is a scam. Tear it and throw it away. If you deposit the check, it will bounce and you will the owe the bank all that money back.

How much do you actually get when you win the lottery?

How much you actually get when winning the lottery depends on the amount won, the type of payment and the tax rate in your state, according to Motley Fool. Federal and state taxes can eat up more t... Read More »