Whats the telephone "code" that makes the phone ring back when a phone number is busy?

Answer here are all the codes for you!!!

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Will a cell phone GPS track out of the area or when the phone is off?

Cell phone tracking services are not able to provide an accurate location when a cell phone is turned off or when the phone is not receiving either network coverage or a GPS signal.References:AT&T:... Read More »

Sanyo tv that when you turn it on it will briefly come on then shut right back off and after a few tries it will not do anything at all?

mine too,if u unplug it 5 or 6 times it will stay on i dont get it

Can i turn off my router when i am not using my computer and when i put it back on will it work again?

Yes you can turn it off and it will just work when it is turned on.

When will lie to me be back on UK tv?

In the UK: April 3, 2010 In the US: April 17, 2010