When will i begin a menstrual cycle after tubal ligation?

Answer On One Hand: No InterferenceTubal ligation doesn't involve hormones that affect your menstrual cycle, nor do any of the surgical tools or occlusion methods extend into the uterine cavity containing... Read More »

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Serious Q: Is it normal for a woman's menstrual cycle to change dramatically after tubal ligation?

I went from a you can count on it cycle of 4days on every 28 days to 3 days on every 21 to 35 days...never know exactly when but it is short. Just wait the good stuff is yet to come...I am now con... Read More »

How to Reverse a Tubal Ligation?

Getting a tubal ligation reversal to restore fertility is not uncommon. Although thought to be a permanent form of sterilization there are expert surgeons who can repair fallopian tubes in 98% of c... Read More »

I am nearly 21, can I request to have a tubal ligation?

You can request it, however, every doctor is different and 21 is very young for them to do such a permanent procedure. Every case will be different too. Doctors will take into consideration how man... Read More »

Do I need estrogen if I had a tubal ligation?

On One Hand: Estrogen Therapy Isn't Needed for Tubal LigationTubal ligation involves cutting and sealing a woman's fallopian tubes in order to prevent eggs from traveling to the uterus to be fertil... Read More »