When will external hard disk prices come down ?

Answer Prices are already starting to fall s production facilities start to increase output to make up for the loss of factories i the Tsunami. Thailand is not back to normal but is getting there and this... Read More »

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When Gold prices will come down ...............?

Banks are real reason for the increase in prices.Banks are taking public money as deposit and lend it to entrepreneurs @ 18% interest rate that too on daily balances. A commodity priced Rs.100 toda... Read More »

When will nikon coolpix p90 prices come down?

You can't. It has no hard disk. Your pictures are simply lost.

If i use an external hard disk ,will it increase the disk space on my c-drive?

no, it'll add a new drive on your my computer

Comparison of an External Hard Disk & an Internal Hard Disk?

Computer hard drives store the operating system software, application programs and all sorts of other files and data. Internal and external hard drives can both be used for this purpose. The oper... Read More »