Can i turn off my router when i am not using my computer and when i put it back on will it work again?

Answer Yes you can turn it off and it will just work when it is turned on.

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My keyboard shortcircuited, will it work again?

You will need to do one of two things: - Bluetooth Keyboard to replace your MacBook Pro's keyboard - Contact Apple for maintenance and pay for a new keyboard installationSince you use a damp cloth ... Read More »

Do you have any information when cycle 3 of Canada's Next Top Model will begin and will you be hosting again?

I heard that Nashville Star will be airing on NBC in summer 2008...that is all I know, they will probably announce a specific date in late spring!

I broke my lcd screen on mi iphone 3gs if i buy a new 1 will my phone work again?

Unless you have the proper tools and know how to replace the screen it will not do any good to just try to buy a new screen it is not like going to the corner store and buying a new screen, just bu... Read More »

I dropped my mobile phone in the bath. will it work again?

It may still work, you should immediately remove the battery and let it dry thoroughly (a few days to a week depending upon the humidity where you live).. then put the battery back in and try it...... Read More »